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10 most essential dive watches

I've compiled a list of what I feel are 10 essential dive watches that any collector of the dive watch segment has probably had, or aspires to have within their collection at some point. The watches listed are not in any specific ranked order, but rather are listed alphabetically by Brand. Enjoy the wrist porn!

Citizen Eco-Drive 300m Professional Diver - Big and bold, exemplifies a true "tool" watch. (photo credit: Jomashop)

Doxa Sub 300 - Iconic cushion case, signature Doxa bracelet, and ORANGE! (photo credit: Doxa Watches)

Invicta Pro-Diver (ob) - The watch that launched a million watch collections. Solid homage at a truly affordable price. (photo credit: watchleaderz)

Omega Seamaster - Arguably one of the most sought-after dive watches by collectors. With the signature wave-pattern dial and bracelet, easy to spy on the wrist. This watch has spawned numerous models within the Seamaster line. (photo credit: Authentic

Orient Mako I - The original Mako, black or blue, pick a winner! Excellent build quality for a very reasonably priced automatic dive watch. This timepiece has graced the wrist of many a collector. (photo credit: Long Island Watch)

Rolex Submariner - Iconic name, the original "I've made it" brand. The watch that launched a million homages. People that don't know watches, still know Rolex.

Seiko Monster - Everything about the Monster belies its name. Strong presence on the wrist, uniquely styled bezel, and extreme lume! Add-in automatic movement, and optional colors like vibrant orange and blue, and it's pretty much a must have. You'll be hard pressed to find a watch collector that hasn't owned a Seiko Monster. (photo credit: Long Island Watch)

Seiko Samurai - You can pretty much bet that anything Seiko is going to be rock solid, and the Samurai is another consistent performer offering more classical dive watch styling than its' cousin, the in-your-face Monster. (photo credit: Long Island Watch)

Tissot Seastar 1000 Automatic - There has been a face-lift to the Seastar in recent years, but my choice is the pre-2014 version. This was my first "real" dive watch, but was a solid piece all-around. Great case design, ribbed bezel reminiscent of a clam shell, and an exhibition case-back. This iteration of the Seastar was bullet-proof. And a nice touch, the Seahorse used in the Seastar name on the dial, a bit of a nod to the Omega Seamaster. (photo credit: Right Time)

Zodiac Oceanaire - Another model that has received some styling changes in recent years, but this particular model just had so much character, mainly due to it's retro-styling and magnificent dial. Great lume on this watch as well. The only knock, many collectors weren't sold on the accuracy or reliability of the Claro Semag movements that originally powered this watch; the movement served me well though. (photo credit: Google Images)

I'd love to hear your feedback. Are there any of your favorite divers that I didn't include on my 10 essential dive watch list, or are there any on my list that you wouldn't include on your list?

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