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Watch Gang Review: 5 - month watch gang, black subscription update

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Watch Gang, December Black Subscription Watch, the J. Brackett, Navigli packaging.
J. Brackett, Navigli

Well, I've hit the 5-month mark of my Watch Gang subscription, and overall, I feel that the Black Subscription tier has met with my expectations, up to this point. Just to update, the Watch Gang Black Tier, is the mid-level subscription tier available, for a monthly subscription price of $99 ($106 after tax). Now the great thing is, you're not locked into any type of long-term contract, so you can cancel your subscription, or skip a month, if you so choose.

For the Black Tier, Watch Gang's pitch, is that every watch received, will have a retail value of between $300 - $500, and they will send you a timepiece that matches your own customized, preset style preferences. Keep in mind, Watch Gang deals mainly with newly-established, micro-brand watch companies, for the monthly subscription offerings to their members. So retail prices, set by the brands themselves, are arbitrary at best. For me, being realistic about Watch Gang's for-profit business model, my expectation is that the watch I receive each month will be comparable to established, known brands within the retail market, with retail values somewhere between $120 - $150, accounting for the overhead, shipping, and distribution expenses that Watch Gang incurs each month, per member; after all, Watch gang has to turn a buck. I do expect to receive a decent quality timepiece, able to hold-up to the rigors of being an occasional knock-around timepiece, and in some cases, have the build-quality of a daily wearer.

So, how did Watch Gang do for the month of December? Well, for starters, just prior to the December, Black subscription watches shipping, I changed my watch preferences from sport / diver, to dress. More than a few Watch Gang members have complained about their specific style preferences not being met. But speaking only for me, Watch Gang has met my customized style preference each month. I definitely favor dive watches, but my main reason for switching-up my style preference this month, was because in the previous 4 months, I had yet to receive an automatic timepiece; Watch Gang claims that at the Black Subscription level, the auto to quartz ratio, through an 18-month period, should be over 50%, so the law of averages says I should have a few automatic timepieces coming my way, LOL.

Watch Gang, December, Black Subscription Watch, The J. Brackett Navigli.
J. Brackett Navigli

True to my "dress" preference setting, my December subscription watch was a dress timepiece, the J. Brackett, Navigli in gunmetal. J. Brackett is one of the "house" micro-brands that Watch Gang promotes. Not much information can be found out on the world wide web, about the origins of the J. Brackett brand, but my suspicion is that this brand was created within the last year or two, at about the same time that Watch Gang as a company was formed. Through the J. Brackett website, the Navigli's retail value is listed as $345.00. Navigli, is a district in Milan, Italy, known for its culture and nightlife. The timepiece has an exquisitely designed dial, having both textured and sun-ray patterns. The Navigli features a solid, end-link bracelet, which feels very well constructed. The bracelet utilizes a hidden, butterfly clasp, which offers a very clean, bracelet-like look when on the wrist. A big plus for me, this watch comes in at 43mm, which is a little larger than your standard men's dress watch, as I do favor watches near the 44mm - 45mm size. The J. Brackett is powered by a Seiko, NH35, 3-hand movement with date, and showcases the movement through an exhibition caseback.

Wrist Shot of the Watch Gang, December Black Subscription Watch, the J. Brackett, Navigli.
J. Brackett, Navigli

There's no denying, the J. Brackett, Navigli, with it's intricate dial-work, looks absolutely stunning on the wrist. Another added plus to Watch Gang, is that they created an exchange forum, where fellow Watch Gang members can buy, sell, and trade all kinds of timepieces, not just Watch Gang purchases. And because of the exchange, I was able to acquire the automatic diver, Heritor Morrison, offered as the December Black subscription watch, in the "sport / dive" preference. I'm very pleased with my December Black sub, and can't wait to see what's in store for month #6 with Watch Gang! Stay tuned!

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