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A Serious Watch Collection Should Have A Fun Side

Pandeia Sundial Timepiece on custom, Brian Van Way, Hieroglyphics Strap.
Pandeia Sundial Timepiece

There was a comment posted on, oddly enough, a watch strap forum, where a self-proffessed watch aficianado bemoaned a certain microbrand, because all of that brands current offerings to date, have been quartz watches. Said aficianado went on to say, that all of his watches were automatics, save one, and he hadn't felt the desire to purchase or wear a quartz watch since he was 16 years old; well congratulations to him!

While some "serious" collectors feel that owning mechanical, or mechanical automatic timepieces denotes some sort of graduation, or maturity within the hobby of watch collecting, I see absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying the guilty pleasure of owning a few grab-n-go, no nonsense timepieces. To be completely honest, some of my best looking pieces on the wrist, have been quartz powered. Now if you're simply looking to impress the rare Watch.Idiot.Savant that you may come across in your casual travels, you may get that rare opportunity to show off, or brag about your rare mechanical caliber timepiece. Otherwise, the average Jane or Joe on the street, won't recognize the difference between a Timex or Rolex on your wrist.

There are far more important things going on in this world, than fretting over who likes or hates your daily WOTD selection. At the end of the day, watches are meant to be enjoyed, and there's certainly a time place for both serious and fun watches alike. So strap on that Daffy Duck, Mickey Mouse, or Swatch Jelly watch and have a blast!

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