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Bracelet accessory storage hack

Knick-Knack Used For Bracelet Storage

I have discussed before the importance of keeping your timepieces and other wrist-wear accessories safe from harm by utilizing proper storage for all of your collectibles. Admittedly, I too have had more than a few lazy moments when I opted to throw a timepiece on the dresser, rather than take the time to properly store the watch safely in the watch box or winder.

While the watch accessory market pretty much has the average collector covered by offering a plethora of storage boxes, cases, and winders, what about other wrist and hand-wear accessories such as bracelets or rings. Sure, jewelry boxes may suffice if you're looking to just neatly tuck the items away and out-of-sight, but they do very little for organization. A pile of items dumped into a jewelry box will potentially make selecting the right accessory item extremely frustrating.

I am constantly amazed at some of the neat, custom-made ideas that some watch collectors come up with for securing their timepieces. I'm not that handy with tools and wood, so I have to rely on the interweb or google machine to find my requisite storage items. However, as I started to amass more than a few bracelets, they quickly began to overflow the tiny storage box that I was attempting to stuff them into. Enter my better-half to save the day! During a cleaning binge around the house, my Wife came across the knick-knack pictured above, and thought that the hanging prongs would make a great storage idea for my bracelets. The rack allows the bracelets to be easily sorted and selected, problem solved! And the hanging bead storage rack will look amazing next to my collection of watch storage boxes!

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