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adding to the collection

The ways in which watch collectors expand their collections runs the gamut. In my particular case, I usually have a handful of timepieces that are on my short list to acquire throughout the year; and I really don't put any hard deadlines on when I should purchase the watches, it pretty much just happens organically. Now, there may be a timepiece that catches my eye, and if the right opportunity presents itself, I may pull the trigger on a wildcard.

In recent months I've become more intrigued with the various watch of the month clubs that offer a different mystery watch each month. Mainly, I wonder how companies that claim to offer such great deals each month, can manage to stay economically viable, by sending watches to customers that exceeds the value of the monthly club price they are paying? Are the deals really too good to be true? And you know what they say about those type of deals? LOL.

To curb my interest, and probably yours too, I decided to check-out one of the more popular watch-of-the-month-clubs. Having someone else, or some website algorithm pre-select a watch for me, is something that I'm not real comfortable with, as I prefer my own taste in watches which has been shaped through the last 25+ years. Through this exercise, I'll give you the straight skinny on the quality of the watches that I receive. I picked the mid-level tier, which is supposed to send me watches with a "retail" value of between $100 - $500 each month. "Retail" value, as it pertains to watches and jewelry, in most cases is extremely inflated. My hope is to try a couple months at the mid-tier, and then switch to the top-tier (watches with a retail value of $500+) to gauge the difference in the level of watch quality.

So stay tuned, as I will soon begin to explore the world of the watch-of-the-month clubs.

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