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affordable brand with the most buzz?

Spinnaker, Hull, "Spinnaker Hull Automatic"
Spinnaker Hull Automatic

There is a lot of great stuff currently happening in the world of watches, as established manufacturers, microbrands, and newly formed crowd-funded brands are putting there best design creations forward in order to vie for your dollars. There is seemingly no shortage of new watch offerings available to watch aficiandos and entry-level collectors alike, and it got me thinking as to the brand I feel is really hitting the mark with their recent timepiece offerings.

At the affordable level of the watch game, there is very little that hasn't been done before, so design originality can be a real challenge. Like the old saying goes, if it's not broke, don't fix it, and many designers, especially fledgling companies, tend to stick with tried-and-true designs, instead of going out on a limb. Then there are companies that will break into the watch game, by utilizing case and dial templates marketed in mass quantities to many vendors across the world, in order to cut costs, but in the end, their timepieces just end of looking like a complete rip-off or clone of previously released timepieces.

There is a brand, that in my eyes has managed to incorporate hybridized, some may say Frankensteined watch designs with the addition of non-traditional color schemes, to create a look all their own. That brand is Spinnaker. The brand is certainly not new in watch collecting circles, but I find their designs and use of pastel-like colors fresh and different, certainly not run-of-the-mill. The Spinnaker Hull pictured even features a gradiated dial and waterproof leather strap, design elements that you'll be hard-pressed to find on a timepiece at $300 or well south of that number.

Very pleased with my Wreck and Hull, I'll be paitently awaiting the next release from the Spinnaker watch brand. Check them out if you get the opportunity.

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