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are fitness trackers watches?

I came across an old article on Hodinkee in which the staffers were waxing nostalgic about their most worn watches throughout the year. One staffer, out of the 10 or so that contributed to the article, actually said his Apple Watch was his most worn watch of the year, oh the horror!

Ever since the smart watch and fitness tracker craze took off, I've given very little thought or consideration regarding those tools as actual watches, but rather more of a life management tools, who's sole purpose is calculating various measurements, other than tracking the equation of time; and at their essence, watches, whether mechanical, mechanical automatic, quartz, or analog, tracking the equation of time, in its many different manifestations, is what timepieces do.

So, I choose to lump the smart watches, fitness trackers, and the like in the category of cell phones and tablets; mobile resource tools with applications meant to streamline life and make everyone more efficient while at work or play.

I'm well aware that my way of thinking is archaic, and slowly being overtaken by the masses. Watch manufacturers, including many hallowed Swiss brands, are already beginning to follow the trend, and relent to the mass appeal of the smart watch genre, by introducing hybrid watches with an inclusion of "smart" features. So the next time I check the time, no doubt I'll be checking my wrist, instead of my smartphone.

If you would like additional information regarding the specifications of the Tag Heuer Connected smart watch pictured in this post, please click on the photo to be taken to a direct link.



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