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are hobbies the secret to a happy life?

Well, some healthcare professionals definitely think so, and there appears to be medical evidence to back-up this claim. Apparently, having a creative outlet helps to reduce stress and increase the level of general happiness. And people who live happy, stress-free lives, tend to live longer than those that don't.

The key word in all this is "creative", which means that you would need to be putting energy into making, adjusting, or enhancing something, generally using your brain power. Being a collector of things may not necessarily qualify for adding years to your life, but perhaps if your arrange your collection in such a way, say by color of watch dial, color of watch strap, or style, then you may be on to something. It's all about releasing all of those happy endorphins!

At the very least, you can now validate your watch collecting hobby, by letting your mate, or significant other, know about all of the great good health promoting properties, that buying a watch per day can provide.

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