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are themed watches growing in popularity?

Omega Speedmaster, Ultra-Man Limited Edition timepiece
Omega Speedmaster, Ultra-Man Limited Edition

Today's release, and near 3-hour immediate sell-out of available pre-orders, for the Omega Speedmaster, Ultra-Man limited edition, got me thinking about the popularity of themed watches. Were the fans that were waiting to pounce on the latest Omega release, just rabid for the latest and greatest Seamaster, or were they actually closet Ultra-Man fans? The Ultra-Man TV show was a show that I watched as a kid, many decades ago now, and I'd be interested to know how many of the prospective buyers actually knew who or what Ultra-Man was, before the watches release was publicized?

Omega has done the theme watch thing previously with their 007 line, and Invicta continues to be firmly entrenched in their Disney / Marvel character line, so watch brands using character themes isn't a new concept by any means.

I doubt seriously that there is any real cross-pollination being realized with these theme gimmicks, as Omega owners were stoked to purchase the next Speedmaster, no matter the configuration. While true fans of Ultra-Man would most likely opt to purchase a collectible figurine, rather than plunking down over $7,000 at suggested retail for the timepiece.

Watch fans will continue to support their brands and specialty timepieces, even more so if there is a pop-culture angle to be played.

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