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attending my First industry watch event, district time!

I am anxiously looking forward to attending my first watch industry event, District Time, next Sunday. The cool thing about this event, it will cater exclusively to industry micro-brands, which as the name implies, are brands that aren't your everyday, household retail brands. There will also be some vintage timepieces showcased also. While I'm not currently into true, vintage timepiece, I am interested in viewing the pieces that will be on display.

But fear not, there are amazing watch designs and styles being offered by the smaller micro-brands, some of which are based right here within the United States. At the very least, the micros give collectors a myriad of design options and alternatives to the major brand offerings; and who doesn't love options?

The majority of my recent watch purchases are from brands considered to be micros, so while I can't predict that we are on the verge of a micro brand takeover within the watch industry, I can tell you that the micro brands are creating watches that rival the major brands in construction, performance, and visual appeal.

Creative crowd-sourced funding has helped many start-ups keep their manufacturing costs down, allowing the consumer retail pricing of the micros to be very competitive with watches being produced by the major brands.

So keep an eye out, the micros are coming, and the entire watch collecting community will be better for it!



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