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avoiding the collecting rut

If you stay in the watch collecting game long enough, or any collectible game for that matter, you'll eventually come to a point where you'll find that your current collection, or methods by which you add to your collection, has reached a level of stagnation. This is completely normal, and just means that your usual watch fare, just isn't tickling your fancy the way it used to.

There are a couple possible reasons that this has happened. Perhaps you've been heavy into a certain genre of watch, like diver's or pilot's, and your collection simply lacks variety. Or, you could have fallen prey to the curse, mainly befallen new collectors, scooping up every shiny new timepiece that has crossed your news feed, or you've coveted through various watch forum posts.

But fear not, with watches, everything is reversible, and there are many avenues and paths to choose, within the watch collecting hobby, to re-ignite your passion. First, go over your current collection, and make an overall assessment. Are all of your timepieces, ones that you have thoroughly researched, and made a conscious decision to add to your collection, or were they impulse buys of the moment. Just like buying a car, after a while, the newness of acquiring a timepiece will eventually wear-off. Then, it will only be the true joy and love for that timepiece, that will keep the piece firmly planted within your wearing rotation.

For the timepieces currently within your collection that don't speak to you, put them up for trade or sale. Have a definite plan in mind for what you'd like your collection to look like moving forward, and the direction you'd like your collection to follow; do you need to diversify? Perhaps more sport watches, perhaps less dive watches, maybe venture into collecting different brands, genres, and complications, spice-up old favorites with the addition of strap changes or additional wrist-wear accessories, or venture into novelty pieces like super hero themed watches.

The beauty of watch collecting, is you're always in control. So take a deep breath, step back and assess the current state of your collection, and formulate a new collecting game-plan. You'll quickly find your passion and excitement for your hobby return instantly.

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