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Back in the tennis shoe game!

Before I began my love affair with watches, like most pre-teen / teenagers, my first true obsession was sneakers. While I fancied owning the hottest new Jordan's, Chuck Taylor's, or Turtle Shells back in the day, I rarely got the chance, or should I more accurately say, my Parents never found it financially prudent, to drop the type of coin some shoe companies were asking for sneaker releases back in the day, but it certainly didn't dissuade my appreciation for a nice pair of kicks.

Fast forward to present day, and as I've made a personal commitment to enhance my style game, shoes have once again entered my radar. I am by no means a sneakerhead, hanging-on the anticipated new shoe release like an iPhone, but I do take note of shoes that may have a component of mutual interests. Case in point, the new Adidas, Dame7 basketball shoe, that pays tribute to Professional Wrestling Icon Ric Flair. As an admitted Pro Wrestling mark, and mega-fan as a kid, Ric Flair was one of those larger-than-life characters, that had the confidence, cockiness, and bravado that most every pre-teen and teenage young man, during my era, wished they could have. Ric Flair's persona and attitude, made him a fan favorite, a rarity for a "bad guy" back in those days of Pro Wrestling. So a new tennis shoe release, paying tribute to one of my favorite Pro Wrestlers, was a definite must have for me.

A bit gawdy, sure. Brash, no doubt. In your face, most definitely. But these kicks are the perfect embodiment and reflection of Ric Flair's Professional Wrestling persona, even down to his famous catchphrases printed within the soles of the shoes, LOL. When I first told my Wife of my intention to get both versions of the Ric Flair special editions, and after seeing the Gold Feather version, my Wife quipped, where to you expect to wear those shoes, my answer, any damn place the Nature Boy pleases, LOL.


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