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beast mod!

Modded Seiko done by Mad Mod World (photo credit:  Mad Mod World)
Modded Seiko by Mad Mod World

I created a blog post some time ago, regarding my opinion on watch modifications. In short, I appreciate the creativity and art, of someone being able to transform a timepiece into something slightly different, to radically different, but the essence of changing the look of a timepiece, just seemed like more trouble, and time, than it was worth.

Sure, I've done strap changes to switch up the look or attitude of a timepiece, but never anything drastic. I recently purchased a sport chronograph, and the watch was decent enough, but the designer of the watch decided to place the name of their spokesperson on the dial, which caused a ton of controversy and hurt feelings among certain watch forum members. As I wore the watch, the name on the watch became less-and-less noticeable to me, but then I had an epiphany. I came across a post in the watch forum, in which a fellow forum member completed a modification of the dial on said timepiece; I was instantly amazed. Immediately I had visions of all sorts of ways the dial on my watch could be modified.

I reached-out to the forum member and gave him my vision, and he was up to the challenge. So my sport chronograph is on the way to be transformed. I've always said, when it comes to the watch hobby, never say never.

I'll keep you updated on the watch transformation. Now to find the perfect strap for the mod!

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