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biggest watch purchase regret or buyer's remorse

Photo courtesy of QVC
Sector Poker Chronograph

I had to really do some soul searching, going through my many years of watch collecting, as to whether I had one timepiece, or pieces that stood out as being my biggest purchase regret, or a watch that I felt an extreme sense of buyer's remorse over soon after purchase.  Most of the time, I've done my homework, gone over the potential purchase ad nauseum in my mind, and visited the requisite websites numerous times to gain information and price shop.  So usually by the time I've pulled the trigger, I am at least pleased with my decision to buy.


If I decide to flip, or sell a timepiece soon after receiving it, there is usually more of an aesthetic reason, a particular issue that I may have with the look or feel of a watch, as it pertains to my taste.  That being said, pooling my mental rolodex of my ghosts of watches past, only one watch stands-out as one that I really regretted purchasing, immediately after receiving it.  That watch was the Sector Poker watch.  Not sure why I was even drawn to the timepiece to begin with, as I am not an avid poker player.  I'm sure my desire to acquire the timepiece had more to do with the red, white, and blue color accents, and the fact that it was a chronograph.  However, the timepiece definitely tip-toed on that fine line between unique and gawdy.

After receiving the Sector Poker Watch, it felt more like a novelty timepiece, rather than a functional chronograph, which it was.  I guess it would have been a great conversation piece if I were sitting at the poker table, during a high-stakes million dollar Texas Hold'em tournament event, but alas, that is not me.

Luckily, I was able to flip the Sector timepiece, and didn't get killed too badly on the resale.  The great thing about the watch collecting hobby, everyone has very different and specific style tastes.  And while the Sector wasn't the watch for me, it most likely ended-up being the crown jewel in another watch aficianado's collection, and that is a very cool thing indeed.

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