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Boxing dilemma

The Boxing Dilemma Caused By A Growing Watch Collection

As your watch collection continues to grow, you will be left with a growing dilemma, what to do with all those boxes? There is the rare collector that simply throws away the packaging material after taking delivery, so for the rare few, that's problem solved.

Others of us know that there are beneficial reasons for keeping the original packing, instruction materials, and warranty cards intact. If ever the time comes for you to part ways with a particular timepiece, having all of the original packaging and paperwork can help obtain the best resale value for your timepiece. Not to mention, complete packaging and paperwork can be vital when selling a luxury timepiece, to aid in proving the authentication of the timepiece for the buyer. The original packaging can also be used as a fall-back storage option, in the event you temporarily run out of room in your current watch storage boxes.

In my case, my closet storage space is definitely reaching the breaking point. To ease the pain, I'll be conducting a reorg of my packaging storage, at least to diminish the potential of head trauma if the Jenga pieces were to come tumbling down. Performing a sell-off of some of my timepieces may also be in order to free-up some much needed space.

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