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bracelets vs straps

Over the entirety of my watch collecting hobby, bracelets have been a clear-cut favorite over straps. It would be the rare occasion that I would even purchase a timepiece without a bracelet.

I definitely had and continue to have admiration for the love that my fellow watch collectors had for acquiring "new shoes", and the flexibility that gives them to change the overall look and attitude of a timepiece, just through a simple strap change. My preference for bracelets was born out of the clean look that stainless steel offers, whether brushed or polished, when adorned on the wrist. Not to mention, watch designers definitely began stepping their game up, in recent years, with regards to the construction and intricacy of the various bracelet designs offered; which added yet another dimension to the wrist game.

In recent years, while my preference still leans more toward bracelets, I have begun introducing more strap-clad timepieces to my collection, and I love it. You can't beat a nice pliable rubber or silicone strap, perfect for taking on any summer activities you can throw at it. Or adding a high-grade brown or black leather strap, in any number of exotic patterns and finishes, to really dress-up any timepiece, perfect for a night on the town. And there are enough exotic strap materials out there on the market to really "lux" up the look and feel of your timepiece.

So have fun, be daring and try different strap combinations, and you might just discover a few brand new timepieces hidden within your present collection!

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