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brand dominance within a collection

As avid watch collectors, we all have that one brand that initially sparked our interest to get more involved in the hobby. For me, that brand is Invicta. And while I don't collect that brand with the regularity that I used to, the brand easily still dominates my collection, in number of total pieces.

The brand make-up, or breakdown of manufacturers within your collection, is akin to your collection's fingerprint, and really says a lot about your interests. Are you a collector of sport watches or dress watches? Do you favor mainly affordable timepieces? Are you partial to only Swiss Made timepieces? Are automatic watches your preference, or do you lean more towards grab-n-go quartz timepieces? You get the picture.

While the Invicta brand still dominates my collection, regarding the total number and percentage of timepieces making-up my collection, I have definitely felt a shift in recent years in my collecting habits. I've been purposely trying-out many different micro-brands recently, and look forward to the innovative designs and creations from the micros.

Outside of Invicta, the two brands that are next in line, as far as total numbers within my collection, are Seiko (3), and Spinnaker (3). Seiko is obviously a rock-solid brand, but their Recraft series has definitely peaked more recent interest, bringing back some of their iconic vintage stylings. Spinnaker continues to take the mundane, everyday, sport styles in the dive watch sector, adds their own unique flare of strap, bezel, and dial color combinations, along with creating imaginative mash-ups of design cues from other well known brands, ultimately making each creation Spinnaker's own.

So just remember, your watch collection will speak volumes about you and your tastes, without ever saying a word.

If you would like more information on the specifications of the Seiko Recraft pictured in this article, please click on the photo to be taken to a direct link of information.

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