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brand snobbery, does it exist?

I first thought about introducing this topic as a question as to whether folks were of the opinion that watch brand snobbery existed at all, but then I realized that most reading this post are probably involved in watch forums, in some way, shape, or form, and you already know the answer is yes!

Let me first preface this post by saying that it's certainly okay, completely understandable, and perfectly natural to favor one particular watch brand over another. We all have our reasons for such alliances; perhaps the brand was a favorite of our father, mother, or grandparents? Or perhaps the first watch owned of a particular brand holds some other sentimental value? Or you love the look, accuracy, or some other attribute. Point is, we continue to gravitate to what we like, and we all have varying tastes as to what we like.

Unfortunately, I have witnessed what I would call bullying against "hated" brands, and I know hate is a very strong word. Forum posts about certain brands meant to incite argument, or posts that degenerate into a mob-mentality against a certain brand, detailing all of the reasons why brand Y is no good, and you should purchase brand X over brand Y. Heck, people have left forums because of such brand snobbery.

While it's heartwarming, and a great story to think that there are watch companies out there designing and manufacturing watches just to build their name and brand off of the high-praises of forum members, this is not reality. Every watch company is a for-profit business, with the goal of selling as many watches as they can per annum. Obviously price, quality, and providing excellent customer service are pillars for any company on which to grow their business, and that's what all brands should shoot for. But to dinegrate certain brands or belittle other forum members because of the watch brands they like, is more than a bit childish. There are enough resources on the web for any consumer to make an informed decision prior to a purchase. And if a certain watch brand is selling junk, or has bad customer service, trust me it will eventually come out in the wash. There is no greater power than that of the consumer as to which products he or she chooses to buy. In the end, a fellow watch forum member said it best, "buy what YOU like!"



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