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collection complacency

There will eventually come a point in time, after you've amassed a collection of timepieces, that you'll be at a crossroads as to what direction to go next? Will you take your collection to the next level, incorporating more higher dollar timepieces? Concentrate on a certain brand, or perhaps certain category of timepiece? Perhaps you will look to go the other direction, and incorporate more affordable watches within your collection. Then there's always the venture into past, taking a walk down memory lane with vintage timepieces.

For me, the collecting malaise usually comes around every few years, when I assess the current state of my collection; and looks like 2019 will be that year for me. I've always been a lover of dive watches first, and foremost. So, my collection will always be a little dive watch heavy. I have noticed that many of my recent watch purchases have been vintage-inspired throwbacks in their design, so I wouldn't be at all surprised if 2019 brings about my first vintage watch purchase. One category that I've only dabbled in over the years, is Russian watches, so that may be an option, as my area of concentration, for watch collecting in 2019.

One thing is certain, the exercise of deciding my watch collecting emphasis for 2019 will be fun, as the journey and excitement of exploring new brands and models is sure to stoke the fires for my love of the hobby, and be the reminder of why I fell in love with watch collecting in the first place.

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