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competing hobbies

One of true "isms" regarding watch collecting is that for some strange reason, the majority of watch collectors seem to be involved in more than one hobby, that occupies a small or large amount of their time. Perhaps there is some psycho-social reason, with the watch collectors brain wired to want to collect an assortment of stuff?

Fear not, as I don't believe we are all destined to become hoarders, but I do fine the occurrence of parallel hobbies a bit interesting. I'm definitely not in the majority here, as watches are the only items that I collect on a regular or semi-regular basis. But I've heard that watch collectors fancy other hobbies such as pens, lighters, knives, and automobiles, just to name a few.

I'd love to hear what other parallel hobbies some of my fellow watch collectors out there have, and how you got started in your "other" hobby. I'm sure I'll see a few hobbies that I've never even thought of. Please share your thoughts.

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