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coordinating favorite sports team colors within your timepiece and accessories!

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

Coordinating timepieces with your wardrobe is a common occurrence, but I never knew how prevalent coordinating the colors of a favorite sports team, within the color scheme of your daily watch was, until numerous posts I've seen over the past few years, across the various watch forums that I frequent.

I was under Impression that sports team color matching, with watch colors, was my own guilty pleasure, but it appears to be done with quite a bit of regularity with watch collectors.

Like most collectors and sports fans, who have graduated past the basic novelty timepiece, I had the desire to represent my love for my favorite sports team in a more adult and fashionable way.

And at the end of the day, sports team theming is just another fun way to further coordinate your wardrobe and timepiece selections, leaving little doubt as to where your loyalties lie.

Indianapolis Colts team hat, Nike jersey, Nike shoes, Invicta Reserve, Sapphire Ghost timepiece, and INOX Flat Bracelet.
Coordinating Colts team apparel with Invicta Reserve, Sapphire Ghost Timepiece, and INOX Flat Bracelet.

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