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Detomaso, Trieste, Globetrotter

My Monday choice of wrist-wear is definitely one of the really affordable timepieces within my collection, in the Detomaso, Trieste, Globetrotter. This piece is a prime example, that a great look on the wrist, doesn't have to cost a lot of coin. This set-up also shows, the impact that a simple strap change can have on the dynamic look of a timepiece.

I rarely wear World Timer watches, but there is something neat about the hectic, busy look of the bezel and inner chapter ring, yet it all makes perfect sense. There's definitely a bit of conflicted duality with the look and personality of a World Timer Timepiece.

As great as this use of contrasting colors, within the dial and bezel, give this watch a real visual distinction, the aftermarket NATO strap, really pulls everything together. And this fantastic look on the wrist, was had for well under $100, including the additional NATO strap mod.

Enhancing the blue colors of the dial, is the added accessory of the minimalist, Sodalite stone, beaded bracelet, designed by Aurum Brothers.


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