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decisions, decisions!

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A Portion of My Watch Collection

As your watch collection continues to grow and expand, you will no doubt run into an interesting dilemma, how the heck will you choose which watch to wear on a daily basis? One, two, or a handful of timepieces is fairly easy to manage, by just switching-out a watch each day. But eight, ten, or a dozen watches or more, can get a little more tricky.

The system that you incorporate to make your daily WOTD decision will be unique to the individual collector. Many times, your daily watch choice is predicated on the allegiance to a certain brand. If you are a Seiko fan, you'll find yourself wearing your Seiko timepieces more often than your other timepieces. Some collectors will also choose to earmark a specific time period (week) to showcase brands or styles.

Very rarely is the WOTD selection purely random, as most times there is conscious thought put behind the choice; whether that thought is contemplated at length, or a quick grab-and-go decision.

As far as my particular method for selecting my daily WOTD, I have compiled a mental calendar of the individual wearing events, for each of my timepieces. So I usually find myself recycling through my current rotation of timepieces within about 1 1/2 months. Now my system will be slightly thrown-off in the event that I purchase a new timepiece, as there will be a honeymoon period to acquaint myself with the new addition. There are times when a specific watch calls out to me from the watch box, and I'll go with that selection. This could be due to a watch just happening to match a certain color of clothing that I'm wearing for that day, but typically, even in the case of some of my absolute favorite timepieces, I try to stick with the rotation.

So that's my method and reasoning behind my WOTD selections, I'd love to hear the method to your madness!


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