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District time;The Mental Wellness Break, We Didn't Know We Needed!

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

A few weeks ago, I received an email promoting an upcoming watch event, District Time, in Washington, DC, and immediately became giddy with excitement. The reason for my excitement? To me, this signaled a revival of the camaraderie that can only be found, through the gathering of like-mined individuals; something that had been stifled, given the global events over the last couple of years.

Meet & Greets are a great way to enhance any hobby, but especially the watch hobby. From convening with fellow watch enthusiasts, being introduced to different brands and brand owners, adding to your want/wish list, and possibly taking a new find home with you, watch fairs and get togethers are a much needed diversion! Medical science has proven that hobbies lessen the affects of depression, anxiety, and stress; even more so when there is group, in-person interaction. From personal experience, I can tell you that my daily WOTD postings, and forum interactions, have been a beacon of normalcy, but the gatherings and meet-and-greets are a sign that we are slowly but surely coming through the other side.

District Time is an annual, two-day event coordinated by The Time Bum,, and McDowell Time,, specifically for the purpose of highlighting micro and independent brands, and boutique jewelry representatives as well.

This years event seemed much more lively than past years; most likely sparked by the aforementioned joy of folks being able to gather and mingle in-person, combined with the seasonably warmer temperatures; it was the perfect recipe for increased foot traffic.

There were numerous brands represented, but as a lifelong Marylander, I definitely gravitate first towards the Maryland based brands; Tsao Baltimore, McDowell Time, Hager Watches, and Towson Watch Company. I enjoy patronizing the local brands, as they are passionate, small business owners, all chasing their dream.

While walking through the District Time Watch Fair, your most wanted timepieces list will grow. And there's nothing like the feeling of acquiring a special timepiece; a timepiece that isn't cookie cutter, or one that's been seen across a hundred different watch forums. District Time is an immersive event, giving watch aficionados the opportunity to speak directly with brand owners, to get an idea as to what drives a brands design, form, and function, from an official source. Oh, and did I mention there were numerous door prize giveaways, on Saturday and Sunday.

As stated earlier, District Time is a two-day event. I was able to make it on Sunday, the 2nd day, but my intentions were to actually check-out both days; however, my daughter's cheer competition on Saturday, had other plans, LOL.

District Time - 2022 was definitely the mental wellness break that the microbrand watch community needed, and deserved. I look forward to conversing, in person, with fellow watch collectors, again very soon! My District Time - 2022 purchase? The McDowell Time, Maxton V2 - Racing Chronograph. Until the next time we meet!

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