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do clothes and fashion accessories still make the man or woman?

It was once said, and widely thought, that clothes, along with any coordinated fashion accessory items, make the man, or woman. It was commonplace, in the not too distant past, for business organizations to mark certain employee milestones and / or anniversaries with a timepiece. Even within recent generations of career go-getters and scholars, it has become fashionable to purchase that "made it" timepiece, to mark a significant achievement in one's life, graduation, dream job, etc.

While the casual watch observer is familiar with the major manufacturer names involved in the luxury watch market, based largely on the print or television ads contained within their favorite fashion magazine or TV programming, the initiated understand the depth and breadth of the watch market, and know that there are many wrist riches to be scored in both the affordable price bracket, and luxury watch market as well.

In my opinion, good taste and keen fashion sense trumps the value of any designer or luxury named clothing item or fashion accessory. For that important business meeting, your "power watch" will only be as important as the overall package that you are presenting. A sensible, well thought-out, and completely put together look, will make your watch or fashion accessory a secondary thought, but will work to finish and polish your overall look.

If you desire more information or product specifications on my Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze timepiece featured in this post, please click on a picture to be sent to a direct link.

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