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Dorsal Bracelet Company - A Wrist-Game, Game Changer

Everyone should know by now, that I love accessory wrist-wear, that complements and enhances my daily watch selections. There are numerous vendors offering a myriad of different style options and designs to choose from, with regards to accessory wrist-wear, but not many vendors with the passion, and desire for conservationism that Dorsal Bracelet Company brings to the table. The spirit and mission of Dorsal Bracelet Company, to essentially clean the beaches and oceans of the world, through a percentage of their wrist accessory sales, was the driving force, and impetus for me to become an Ambassador for the brand.

Chad Ross, Co-Founder of Dorsal Bracelet Company, was kind enough, and generous with his time, to participate in a brief Q & A session about Dorsal Bracelet Company, in my latest Wrist-Game, Game-Changer interview below.

Wrist Game:  Explain the Genesis of Dorsal Bracelet Company.

Chad Ross: I started Dorsal Bracelets right after I graduated college in July 2018. The idea was fairly simple: a bracelet that could serve as a reminder to stop using single-use plastics but also had a direct impact by removing trash from our oceans! That same basic idea is still our goal today.

Wrist Game:  What is the inspiration for your bracelet designs?

Chad Ross: Simple - the beach lifestyle. We want to create products our friends would love and this has always been the goal. We love the beach since we live on the coast in Charleston, SC and are always inspired by different objects, ocean animals, feelings, etc. We have a ton of ocean animal bracelets currently and are always coming up with new designs.

Wrist Game:  What impact has Dorsal Bracelet Company had on environmental, conservation efforts?

Chad Ross: To date (2/14/20), we have removed 18,411 pounds of trash from oceans, beaches, and rivers around the United States. We do this by partnering with Ocean Blue Project. They are a non-profit dedicated to hosting clean-ups year round.

Wrist Game:  Obviously, you're in the wrist accessory game, but are you also a watch guy?  And if so, what's your favorite brand / model within your collection?

Chad Ross: Growing up I always loved watches with a classic brown leather band and a white face. Fossil was my go-to brand! However, I’m a HUGE technology guy and I always want the latest tech toys so once the Apple Watch came out I got hooked. It helps me stay connected with my business since Dorsal is currently 100% an online ecommerce company. I do have another watch that I wear on rare occasions from MVMT. They have always been a big inspiration to me for what they have accomplished in the ecommerce world.

Wrist Game:  Do you have a personal favorite Dorsal Bracelet design? If so, what makes that particular design special to you?

Chad Ross: I’m changing which bracelet(s) I wear every few days but I do have a favorite: Iced Coffee - the Gold Hammerhead charm with a black rope. This is my favorite for two reasons. First, it goes with just about any outfit! It has that timeless and classic look for any dressy event but also can be rocked on the beach. Second, when we name the bracelets sometimes it is based on color but other times the name is something one of us on the team comes up with randomly, and this was one of those times for me. I’m one of those 'every time you see them they have an iced coffee’ kind of people. Overall, great bracelet!

Wrist Game:  What's on the Horizon for Dorsal Bracelet Company?

Chad Ross: Where do I start! We are working on our next bracelet drop of new styles for Summer 2020 while also working on new products. We are playing around with different necklace styles, some water bottles, improving existing designs, and our biggest move in 2020 will be starting our wholesale program to get into some retail stores.

For more information about Dorsal Bracelet Company, or information on ordering, please follow the link below, and also receive a $5 discount off of your order (restrictions apply). ->

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