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entering the uncharted territory of the estate sale

Photo Property of Everything But The House
Heuer 1000, Circa 1980's

I've never developed a true appreciation for vintage items. My cars, like the timepieces I covet, must be late model. While I can appreciate the classic appeal and styling of a 1967 Stingray Corvette, I'd much rather put the 2018 ZR1 version through its paces.

My appreciation for more modern watches is mainly due to the larger case diameters that many watch manufacturers have moved towards within the last decade. And with most of the vintage styles sporting case diameters south of 42 mm, those watches simply wear too small on my wrist, for my taste.

What's old is new again, and watch manufacturers like Tag Heuer, with their Heuer Autavia line, and Seiko, with their Recraft series, are taking full advantage of the watch collecting genres love of vintage timepieces; retooling classic and vintage designs with a modern flare.

So while I may not be looking to go full-on vintage, I have heard of fellow collectors coming across some nice finds a flea markets and estate sales. And getting a good deal, or even a steal, on a nice luxury timepiece wouldn't hurt my feelings one bit. I plan on starting with some online estate sales to get my feet wet, and then may eventually work my way around to some local onsite estate sales.

Wish me luck and happy hunting! I'll be sure to share my estate sale scores with you on my blog!

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