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Expanding the wearing rotation

As your collection continues to grow, one thing is certain, it will become increasingly challenging to fit all of your timepieces into a consistent wearing rotation. And as you acquire new timepieces, you may fall into the trap of your newest timepieces, becoming your most worn timepieces.

Everyone may have a favorite timepiece, that edges-out all others for the most attention and wrist time. But then there are those trusty daily wearers and daily beaters, that get the short-end of the stick, as the plethora of new arrivals and must-haves invade your watch boxes.

The daily wearers have served you well, and don't deserve such wanton neglect. While selling off some of your timepieces may sound like the easiest solution to your issue, I know that parting with any timepiece can be a difficult decision.

An alternate solution may be to expand your wearing rotation. Instead of adorning only one watch on your wrist for the day, try sliding some of your timepieces that have been riding the pine, into your wrist-game by making an after work, or evening switch-up. This way, you'll enjoy some of your current favorites, and / or specialty pieces, and give some of your trusty, reliable, daily wearers some much needed love as well.

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