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Fashion Brand Bias With Watch Collectors

Having enjoyed the watch collecting hobby for some time now, I'm fully aware of the brand bias, good and bad, that is rampant among many within the watch forum community. I recently had the question posed to me, about a timepiece from the brand MVMT, as to whether I was a fan of the brand? My honest answer, a fan of the brand, no, but I am a fan of the concept behind the particular timepiece I was wearing (review to come).

Now, my non-fanboy status with MVMT has nothing to do with anything derogatory I've heard about the brand previous to my purchase. The reality is, I just had no real experience with MVMT, prior to my purchase. The question from my watch forum buddy made me think about how many watches and brands are overlooked and dismissed, never to be discovered, simply because of someone else's opinion.

This example highlights a tried-and-true ism I've always tried to follow in my daily dealings and interactions with the WIS (watch idiot savants); buy what "YOU" like, and like what "YOU" buy. And it's completely okay if you take an interest in a timepiece, that 99% of other forum members dislike, as the best way to find out about the quality of a brand, is to experience it for yourself; you might be pleasantly surprised. There's also nothing wrong having a little diversity within your watch collection. So don't be afraid to mix things up; vintage, dress, pilot, business, serious, and fun watches can all mingle together within your watch box, without persecution from the forum police. At the end of the day, it's your money, and your collection of timepieces should be unique, and speak to your individual likes and tastes. PD

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