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first leaf wine club Review - 3 month update

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Assorted wines from a friends wine tasting, held this past weekend.
Wine Selection From A Friend's Recent Wine Tasting

Checking-in with a 3-month update on my experience with the First Leaf, wine of the month club. To refresh everyone's memory, I decided to join the First Leaf wine club as a way for my Wife and I to gain more knowledge about wine in general, and learn about food pairings that go best, with specific varieties of Vino.

My Wife qualifies as the resident Wine aficionado in our home, though most of her experience with Wines, is based off of the best tasting wine varieties she has enjoyed while we're out to dinner; my wine knowledge on a scale of 1 to 10, would be zero. So with First Leaf, we are able to set-up a preferred wine profile, reds, whites, sweet, dry, etc., and First Leaf will send us the number of wines of our choosing, minimum of 1, maximum of 6, monthly, or every other month, of wines that attempt to match our listed preferences.

Packaging of the deliveries has been impeccable, and to date; we haven't receive a broken wine bottle in-transit, knock on wood. Because the delivery contains alcoholic beverages, it does require an adult signature for the delivery to be completed. This means that you may have to plan your day around signing for the shipment. We actually missed our most recent delivery on the first attempt, which was on a Saturday, and had to wait until Monday for the re-delivery attempt, nearly missing that delivery too; so adult signature required can be a bit of an inconvenience.

Our current subscription provides for 6 bottles to be delivered, every other month. And so far, First Leaf has been doing more than an average job with the selections, coming close to our preferences more often than not. Out of the 6 bottles, typically there will be 2 that we find exceptional, 2 that we feel are better than average, and 2 that may not meet our taste preference, so 4 out of 6, 67% success rate, not bad at all. The biggest key for continued success with First Leaf hitting the mark monthly with the wine selections, relies on my Wife and I diligently rating our monthly wines. This helps First Leaf to continue to more accurately streamline our preferences, ensuring that the monthly wine deliveries are more closely aligned with our taste preferences.

So far, First Leaf has been a fun experience, and something that my Wife and I can enjoy collectively, as she wants nothing at all to do with my watch hobby. We have also begun to expand our interest in Wine by looking down the road at planning day trips and weekend trips to area wineries.

As with any hobby, you will eventually run into like-minded people who enjoy the same passions, and wine is no different. I recently found out that a few of my high school friends, had been conducting wine tasting parties, with other couples within their circle of friends. So my Wife and I had the opportunity to attend our first wine tasting party this past weekend, with two of our First Leaf wine selections in tow. Being a newbie, I was expecting to be exposed to some definite wine snobbery, but to the contrary, everyone was nice, outgoing, and in the mood to have lots of fun, and it wasn't just the wine talking, LOL. And as you can see in the photo, 24 bottles later, I'd say the wine tasting party was a great success! My Wife and I are looking forward to our next First Leaf delivery and next wine tasting party; bring on the wineries!


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