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first watch purchases of 2019

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

WOTD wrist-shot of the Zinvo Blade, in gunmetal, paired with an Aurum Brothers, minimalist, hematite, beaded bracelet.
Zinvo Blade

As we've entered into the second month of 2019, and having acquired three new timepieces to my collection this year (with one more currently incoming), it got me thinking about my list of top-7, must own, affordable timepieces for 2019, that I created just prior to Christmas last year. As a refresher, my list of top-7 must own, affordable timepieces included, the Bulova Lunar Pilot, Alsta Nautoscaph II, Spinnaker Tessei Titanium, NTH Devilray Turquoise, Straton Syncro Black, TSAO Baltimore Torsk Diver, and Zelos Swordfish.

Of the three timepieces I've added to my collection at the start of 2019, one was a Watch Gang monthly subscription watch, one was acquired via trade, and one was a new purchase. Full disclosure, I've got another new purchase incoming, the Spinnaker Dumas.

So what's the status of my list? Much like a kitten or puppy that gets easily distracted by something new and shiny, so too do watch collectors, and I am guilty as charged. Sometimes, a deal comes along that is just too good to pass up, which is my excuse for picking-up the Zinvo Blade. The Blade was being offered at an exceptional price, and has a uniquely different design that I desired to add to my collection.

I'm big on price, and bang-for-the-buck, and I love finding my best deal. If I purchase new, the timepiece must be offered at a nice discount. Otherwise, I'm more apt to search for the timepiece on the secondary, pre-owned market, in like new condition. Either way, the key is obtaining the timepiece at my price, or at least a price I feel is reasonable. Spinnaker has so many eye-catching timepieces, that I took a detour from obtaining the Tessei Diver, but did pull the trigger on the Spinnaker Dumas, remember my shiny object example?

Most likely, the first watch to fall from my must-have list, will be the TSAO Baltimore, Torsk Diver, as the pre-order for this timepiece will open-up on February 11, 2019. So, that will be one down, and six to go. Either way, 2019 should make for some great additions to my current watch collection.

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