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fishing for watch compliments

I came across a topic on a watch forum today, which really got me thinking about how far I've come, or matured in my watch collecting hobby. A 20-something was proud, and reveling in the fact that a timepiece, he had long considered to be a grail, a Rolex, he was finally able to attain. And his decision to purchase the Rolex was being affirmed by compliments that he was receiving on his timepiece, really?

Don't get me wrong, I think everyone appreciates when someone else gives them a, positive, objective, unsolicited compliment regarding one's sense of style. But choosing a particular brand or style, based only on the expectation of positive compliments, admiration, and a certain level of status that you think the item will give you, is shallow indeed.

What I tried to get the young collector to understand, is that the admiration and sense of pride that you get from wearing a watch, clothes, or any other material possession, should come from within, celebrating your work, sacrifice, and accomplishment which allowed you to obtain such a blessing.

The reality is, there will always be someone that has a watch more expensive than yours. And if your end goal is to impress people, you'll go broke much quicker than you will build your collection. Second reality, a $25 timepiece wears just the same on your wrist as a $25K timepiece. Third reality, do you really want people as your friends that choose to judge you by the brand of watch you wear? The last reality, wear what "YOU" like, and to heck with what anyone else thinks, you'll ultimately be much happier abiding by this rule, rather than trying to stress your mental psyche and financial harmony; keeping up with the Jones' can be exhausting.

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