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Little Treasury Jewelers - g-shocking trunk show!

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

G-Shock carry bag, bandanna, patch, key-chain, and catalog history book.
G-Shock swag from the Little Treasury, G-Shock trunk show event.

There has been an increasing trend with local jewelry shops and watch companies, creating intimate trade shows, with a comic-con like atmosphere, affording watch collectors the opportunity to interact with watch brand ambassadors, and like-minded people that share a common interest, watches! This is an idea that has been expanded locally, by-and-large because of the success of some of the larger area, and regional watch shows, and just makes perfect business sense.

Myself, and many fellow online watch forum members, purchase the majority of our watches through online resources, purchases from online retailers, and / or trades and purchases between watch forum members. Online pricing is very competitive, due to the online retailers not having the expense overhead that the brick-and-mortar retailers have. So, it was incumbent of the local jewelry shops and watch makers to entice collectors into returning to their stores. Enter the local watch events.

One such local Jewelry shop that has really been doing a great job of connecting with local watch collectors and jewelry aficionados, is Little Treasury Jewelers located in Gambrills, MD. Little Treasury has been successful in creating local watch and jewelry events at their shop, by including tastings and samplings of fine bourbon and liqueurs, offering an assortment of food fare, from BBQ to fresh oysters, and coordinating event contests and door prizes to keep all participants of the event engaged. All this, while giving patrons the ability to speak, and interact directly with brand representatives of select timepieces that they carry within their inventory. Not to mention, the benefit of being able to get a hands-on look and feel of the timepieces on display during the event, which is a distinct advantage over online shopping and ordering.

Pictured, is some of the G-Shock swag that was given out to patrons of the G-Shock Trunk event, from Thursday, December 6, 2018. Pictured, are a G-Shock bandanna, patch, key chain, carry bag, and a comprehensive catalog of 35 years of G-Shock timepieces; and who doesn't like swag?

Outside of the wonderful swag offerings, the Little Treasury, G-Shock Trunk show event, allowed collectors to see and feel the next wave of G-Shock timepieces that will be gracing the wrists of collectors this season. Of most note, are the larger case sizes of the newer offerings, with many case diameters north of 44 mm. New products presented by G-Shock included timepieces from their G-Steel series, which incorporate a mix of steel and resin within the bracelet construction. The Big Case series, which looks like the traditional G-Shock on steroids, that feature three-dimensional hour and minute hands. The Matte Black series features a special paint mixture which absorbs all light, and is branded with the 35th anniversary logo. The Master of G series is touted as being the toughest solar GPS watch in the history of G-Shock, and the MR-G series which features all metal case and bracelet designs, with some models adding distinctive, hammered pattern designs on the bezel. And one of the major pluses with this new line of G-Shocks, is the Bluetooth connectivity, being able to be easily, and seamlessly connect smartphones and other mobile devices.

Little Treasury Jewelers definitely has their finger on the pulse of staying connected with their current customer base, and sparking interest in their brand offerings, for new, potential customers, by creating special watch events, like the G-Shock Trunk show, that allows patrons face-to-face interactions with brand representatives, the ability to talk shop with like-minded collectors about their favorite brands, food and adult beverage tastings during the events, the opportunity to win door prizes and participate in various contests to win swag, timepieces, and / or jewelry accessories, and most importantly of all, giving full access of the brands being showcased, so that collectors can touch and feel the quality of the watches on display. The Little Treasury local watch events are a niche offering, that the internet will never be able to duplicate.



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