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gifting watches for wedding parties

I read a recent article and photo spread in Baltimore Magazine which showcased various recent wedding ideas and venues. And it got me thinking about the growing fad of incorporating watches as coordinating accessories for wedding party participants, groomsman and bridesmaids alike.

Whether or not your wedding party has an affinity for fine timepieces, coordinating wrist-wear for your wedding party can be the cherry on top for the wedding attire and requisite post-ceremony photo-ops. Not to mention, gifting wrist-wear to your wedding party will give your party some very cool keepsakes as a fond remembrance of your big day.

Gifting your party doesn't have to break your bank either. There are a multitude of watch options available in the sub-$100 price range, that will give your wedding party a very fashion coordinated, luxurious look. And for the ladies, adding a splash of gemstones like sapphires, rubies, or CZ can add the right amount of pop to the wedding attire without overdoing the bling.

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