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going against my golden rule

The one thing that I've learned, closing-in on nearly three decades of watch collecting, is that the best deals on watches are typically going to be found outside of the brick-and-mortar jewelry stores. This holds true for 95% of the timepieces that enter the market, but there are those rare occasions when a new timepiece will be so highly anticipated and sought after, that the prices on-line skyrocket out of control, due to the high-demand and low available inventory.

At the end of the day, getting that hallowed timepiece, at your price, requires patience in the waiting game. Are you willing to wait out the consumer demand, and if so, how long? I can tell you that every time I've waited-out the demand for a hot new release, and sometimes it's taken 6 months to a year, I've been able to obtain the timepiece at my price, usually at a savings on average of about 30% or more from the initial selling price.

So as one of my "must haves" finally becomes available, in limited quantities of course, I'm faced with the decision of paying a premium to obtain the timepiece now, or wait out the price?

Due to the exclusivity of the item, and quantifying my purchase decision by mentally cataloging all of the great watch deals that I've gotten over the past year, makes knowingly being overcharged for the watch a little easier to swallow. Some golden rules are not only made to be broken, but need to be broken.



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