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Greatest watch collecting Pet-Peeve

I actually have three pet-peeves when it comes to watches in general. My first pet-peeve is watching someone wear a timepiece that has been un-sized, or not properly sized. Seeing a watch spin around someone's wrist, to me is akin to the sound of fingernails on a chalk board. At times when I see this, I feel prompted to engage the individual in discussion, and explain the importance of having the watch bracelet properly sized, first for comfort, and second to protect the bracelet and watch head from scratches, dents, dings, or blemishes.

My second pet-peeve, and this is a big one to me personally, having individuals touch my high-polished timepieces, while on my wrist, placing smudge marks and fingerprints on my timepiece, ugh. Of course, this usually happens soon after I've finished polishing a timepiece, and when I have no polishing cloth with me to wipe off the fingerprints or smudges, LOL. And did I forget to mention, that's it's usually my 6-year old daughter that is the fingerprint bandit. She loves touching my shiny wrist-wear, so at least I should be happy that she's taking an interest in my hobby. Plus, she's so adorable, I have to cut her a break, LOL.

My third big pet peeve is the slightly misaligned dive bezel. I guess it's just my OCD kicking in, but misaligned dive bezels plain drive me nuts!

So keep those watch bracelets properly sized, keep a spare polishing cloth on-hand to keep your polished stainless steel looking fantastic, and keep those dive bezels aligned. These three things will ensure a spot-on Wrist-Game!

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