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I bought this, because of that

Limited Edition Invicta SubAqua Noma I, Limited Edition
Invicta Reserve, SubAqua Noma I, Mickey Limited Edition

As watch nuts, many of us can understand the the need to match anything and everything under the sun to our special timepieces. Nothing can quite match the inner-joy when you find that exact color hue that matches perfectly the colors in a shirt, shoe, hat, blazer, or accompanying wrist-wear. And buying a watch to match a specific piece of clothing, object, or event, is not without its' peril.

Take for instance my Invicta Reserve, SubAqua Noma I, Limited Edition timepiece pictured. We had planned a lovely Disney family cruise, and I thought it would be a fantastic idea to get a Mickey Mouse watch, the last Mickey watch I owned was back when I was 9 or 10 years old, to mark the occasion. Being a meticulous planner, or so I thought, I placed my watch order a couple weeks ahead of our departure date, and sprung for the expedited shipping cost. As days went by, there was still no shipping confirmation on my order. After contacting customer service, I was told that the watch was in a pre-order status, and there was no specific time-frame on a shipping date, dammit!

The day came, and we were all set to depart for our Disney Cruise. The very next day while onboard, I received the shipping confirmation for my order, DOH! So, no Mickey on my wrist, during the Disney cruise, it would've been an epic combo! For a hot second, I had the notion to plan out the logistics of having the watch forwarded to one of our ports-of-call, for me to pick-up; now you understand the depths of my depravity, LOL.

Alas, I was opted to wait for my timepiece. And if anyone knows the watch collecting hobby, the waiting and anticipation to receive that new timepiece is truly the worst part. On a positive, the Disney vacation was one of the best family vacations that we've ever taken, and I had a shiny new watch waiting for me upon my return; that's a win / win!

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