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invicta watch group - my thoughts & observations

Watch-of-the-day wrist-shot, of the Invicta, SubAqua Noma V, Limited Edition, Automatic Chronograph, paired with a custom, beaded bracelet, designed by Beads By Gonzo.
Invicta, SubAqua Noma V, Automatic Chronograph, Limited Edition

A couple of days ago, a visitor to my blog, messaged me on my website chat, and asked me a couple of questions about Invicta watches. First, I was asked if I had ever done a review of an Invicta timepiece? And second, I was asked about my thoughts and impressions on the brand. So, I'll offer my thoughts, opinions, and impressions on the brand, and their timepieces, having owned various Invicta models, throughout my 25+ years of watch collecting.

Answering the first question is easy, unbelievably, given the numerous Invicta timepieces that I have owned, I have never done a formal review of a timepiece. While I've been collecting timepieces for over 25 years, I've only been blogging about watches, and creating unboxing videos on YouTube for a little over a year, so it's possible that there may be some Invicta watch reviews coming down the pike in the future.

With Invicta timepieces, there is very little middle-ground, you either love them or hate them; so why the disdain? Much like most things in life, the watch collecting community is largely a copycat community, quick to follow trends and themes of the community at-large. Think of how quickly a particular watch model reaches a certain level of popularity, and then becomes everyones must-have watch. Soon, there are hundreds of the same model, albeit in different color variations, inundating the watch forums' watch of the day posts, and for sale forums.

There are two things about the Invicta, that initially skewed the perceptions and opinions of watch collectors' views about the brand. First, was the brands' use of home television sales to push and promote the brand. Many collectors viewed the over-inflated retail pricing, and TV sales pitches, touting Swiss manufacturing quality, and movements, as being inaccurate, if not outright lies. Second, were the reports of watch defects, throughout the various watch forums, which seemed numerous, in comparison to other brands. These perceptions continued to be fueled throughout the years, by forum fan-boys and fan-girls of competing brands, with many collectors claiming "hate" of the brand, having had no real hands-on experience with an Invicta timepiece, but rather following the hard, or court of public opinio. Were some of the Invicta sales pitch claims, bordering on embellished versions of the truth, perhaps, but keep in mind that every watch company is a for profit company, and will use the best advertising and marketing approach possible to sell their watches.

For me, Invicta was the first brand that introduced me to the dive watch genre, and automatic mechanical movements powering timepieces. The brand has also been a gateway for me, into experiencing other brands; so who knows how many other watch companies have benefited indirectly, from Invicta Watch Group's success? As far as quality goes, as with most consumer goods, you usually get what you pay for. However, Invicta's large volume buying and manufacturing power, allows them to design and produce timepieces at more economical price points than the majority of brands in the market. This means, a collector will usually get far more bang-for-the-buck with an Invicta timepiece. Invicta introduced me to automatic movements, precious gemstone watches, exotic dial materials, movement complications like Tourbillons, minute repeaters, perpetual calendars, and high-end quartz movements, all at reasonably affordable prices; not many brands can match the variety and complexity of watches, that Invicta offers, that is just reality.

Defect rate is also relative to the number of timepieces produced. If a small micro-brand produces 400 timepieces, and there are defects with 20, a 5% defect rate will largely go unnoticed. If Invicta produces 4,000 timepieces, the same defect rate will have 200 defective timepieces within the market, with watch forum complaints and posts amongst the forums, making the defect problem seem worse than it actually is, there's just more Invicta timepieces within the consumer market at any given time. Having purchased many multiple dozens, if not hundreds of Invicta timepieces throughout the years, I've only had defects with 2 or 3 Invicta watches over that period.

At the end of the day, watches aren't that serious, cancer and world hunger are serious. Everyone has their own unique style and taste, and individuals should not be shamed for exploring and showcasing their individual qualities, by their wrist-wear choice. Wear what YOU like, because in the end, your opinion is the only one that matters.

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