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If You Could Own Only One Watch?

For the WIS (Watch Idiot Savant) initiated, there remains the never-ending argument, or rather, fanciful question as to whether there is truly one watch that could forsake all others and be that one go to watch, embodying all of the wearable qualities to satiate the die-hard watch collector, to be that last watch ever to be worn?

For years, I've scoffed at the very idea of owning just one watch. After all, for me, it's all about having the flexibility of varying choices in style, substance, and brands. The end goal, having one watch, or more specifically, more than one watch for any, and all possible occasions.

But having recently acquired my vintage JLC - Futurematic, and being completely enamored with every last aesthetic detail of this timepiece, is it plausible that such a one watch only Unicorn, may indeed exist?

Not only is the Futurematic pleasing to the eye, but the timepiece also has historic Horological significance in the engineering design, and articulation of the mechanical movement. So if you're keeping score, the Futurematic checks numerous watch collector's boxes; vintage, historical significance, hallowed Swiss brand with plenty of traceable lineage, beautiful presentation on the wrist, and a unique conversation piece; for the serious collector of timepieces, it certainly doesn't get any better, right?

After spending a solid week straight, bonding with the Futurematic, swapping-out straps to compare different looks, one thing became evident; while I loved the timepiece, after 6 days, that yearning for change slowly began to creep in. It wasn't that I fell out of love with the Futurematic, to the contrary, but that thirst for variety eventually drew me back to the watch box. As happy as I was to enjoy the JLC, I was even more thrilled at the notion, and possibility of experiencing my next wrist-wear selection.

I can truly respect those that subscribe to the "one watch only" philosophy, but I guess for me, variety is the spice of life; at least as far as watch collecting is concerned.

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