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is pro-wrasslin' becoming envogue again?

Okay, admittedly I'm a bit of a professional wrestling mark. As a kid, my older brother and I watched every single wrestling program that came on the TV, morning, Noon, and night, mainly so my older brother could learn new moves, and then use me as a guinea pig to see if the moves actually worked. My Dad couldn't understand the allure and pull that professional wrestling had on me and my brother. My Dad was a boxing guy, and scoffed at the notion of investing time into anything fake. But as any good Dad will do, he humored me and my brother, and allowed us to drag him to many live events in the metropolitan vicinity of our home. I'm sure more than a couple times, I saw him actually getting behind a few of the character's personas, though he would hardly admit it.

Fast forward to the late 90's and early 2000's, at the start of what was known as the attitude era in pro-wrestling, where brash cocky attitudes ruled the day, my Dad and I actually enjoyed watching a few moments of the two premier pro-wrestling programs on at the time, Nitro and Raw, each Monday night before and during Monday Night Football.

As work and family obligations became more prominent, I lost track of following the weekly soap opera that was / is professional wrestling. However, spinning around the satellite radio dial last week, I came upon a talk radio discussion about an upcoming wrestling card that would actually be a combined card of two different, independent pro-wrestling organizations. This would have been a dream wrestling card for fans of the NWA and WWF, or WCW and WWE. The wrestling PPV featured wrestlers from the indie-circuit of the revived NWA and New Japan Pro Wrestling. Quite noteworthy, in that this move signals that there is more than one game in town, in the WWE, and with more financial backing, these indie wrestling circuits could become a legitimate competitor for the talents of WWE, down the road, and could become a true ratings battle royal, much like we saw between WCW and WWE back in the heyday......time will tell.

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