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Is the Submariner the most Iconic Watch Style.....Ever?

Wrist-shot of the Phoibus, Submariner - Blue; paired with a custom bracelet, crafted by Beads By Gonzo.
Phoibus, Submariner - Blue

In the world of watches, much like Hollywood movies, each story, has seemingly been told a thousand times. And while there are some daring watch brands, that have embarked on creating unique, design-twists on the classic Submariner dive watch, many other prescribe to the formula, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

The Submariner, a watch design first introduced to the World at the Basel Watch Fair in 1953, and its iconic design has truly stood the test of time. So much so, it is easily the most copied, replicated, homaged, timepiece of all-time.

Some of the Panerai, Luminor case designs have become popular homage examples in recent years, but they still do not hold a candle to the popularity of the Submariner. Whether date, no-date, cyclops or without magnification, the Sub is the quintessential sport watch. But why?

You'll be hard pressed to find a cleaner, everyday style than the Submariner. A look that is versatile enough to be worn dressed-down with a pair of jeans, as an accessory piece to a high-powered business suit, or formal dress ensemble. Not many other watch designs can pull this off, and this is definitely my allure and affinity I have for the Submariner style.

The Submariner is the product of what has become, arguably the most recognized, luxury brand on the watch market. And lets face it, many people enjoy the trappings of the elite luxury lifestyle, and whatever status they think comes along with that. So, while the average Joe and Jane consumer may not have the $7K to $9K at their disposal, to purchase a Rolex Submariner at retail, many affordable homage options exist, to afford the same look, at a mere fraction of the cost.

Perhaps in another 50 years, we'll be discussing the Panerai style in the same vain, but that's highly unlikely, as I expect the Submariner style to reign supreme, as the most iconic, and interpreted watch design / style, of all-time, for many, many more years to come.



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