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Keeping the watch hobby fun!

Seiko Recraft, Solar Chronograph.  Paired with marine-grade rope bracelet, designed by Roplet.
Seiko Recraft, Solar Chronograph

A simple thread last night, in one of the watch forums that I frequent, got me to thinking that there is far too much seriousness, with some enthusiats, and their dedication to the watch hobby.

In the particular thread, the original poster asked a simple questions of forum members, asking for advice on where to obtain accessory pieces for his timepiece. Another forum member, then decided to interject his unsolicited opinion, on why adding accessories to any timepiece, was in his opinion, a fashion misstep, and then went further to make disparaging comments about those watch enthusiasts, who do choose to accessorize their watches. This of course, started a bit of back-and-forth, which took away from the essence and intent of the original poster's inquiry.

Bottom-line, everyone has, and is entitled to their opinion. While there may be those "professionals" whose thoughts and opinions about what is fashionable, is highly regarded, fashion, and style-sense, at its heart, is personal and singular. And the only opinion that truly matters, is the feeling you get by being comfortable in your own shoes, so to speak. Watches should be interesting and fun, as there are far too many other things in this world that are serious, and truly worth stressing over.

Years ago, when I started down the path of this crazy hobby, a fellow forum member stated a simple axiom, that still holds true today, buy what YOU like.



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