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left or right, which is right?

When adorning your wristwear, the question may be asked, which wrist is the correct wrist to wear your timepiece? As a child, and being right-handed, I always wore my watches on my right wrist, since that is the wrist on the hand I most favored. But I began to notice that every print and television ad always seemed to show timepieces being worn on the left wrist. So, later into my teens, I made the switch to the left wrist, and never looked back.

Aesthetically, it really comes down to which wrist you are more comfortable with, in regards to viewing the time? Keep in mind, most watches are traditionally set-up to have the setting and time controls, whether it be a crown or chronograph pushers, on the right side of the case. As a right-hander, this ultimately makes it easy for me to manipualte the time controls of the timepiece with my right hand, or strong hand, while the watch is worn on my left wrist.

Lefties may find it easier to manipulate the controls of the watch, when the watch is worn on the right wrist, to save having to remove the timepiece each time it needs to be set, or the date adjusted. With the crown and / or pushers on the right-side of the case, a lefty would still be working across the watch face, using their left hand, or strong hand, with the watch being worn on the right wrist.

In recent years, "lefty" watches have become increasingly popular. These watches have the crown and / or pushers aligned to the left-side of the watch case, making it easier for lefties to manipulate the time controls when the watch is worn on the right wrist.

No matter which wrist you choose, be sure to well your timepiece well!

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