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limited run, limited production, limited edition; what's the big deal?

For years, watch manufacturers have tried to create new offerings to continue to entice watch aficionados. And why not? The majority of our watch purchases are enfluenced by what we, the watch buying populis, covet. And many times, watch forum members and regular citizens can get caught-up in the fervor and excitement for a particular watch brand or model, that happens to be the flavor of the day. Whether it be a Seiko Monster, Orient Mako, Boschett Cave Dweller, or Bernhardt GlobeMaster, the list could literally go on-and-on, hot styles and hot models will draw the initiated to them like a moth to a flame.

But what about setting your style and your collection on a different course? Going in a different direction from the herd, blazing your own path? That's where the limiteds come in. If everyone on your block had the same car, would that be any fun? Heck no! Variety truly is the spice of life! And having a timepiece that's very different from the masses, or a watch that is as rare as a unicorn does have some cache, being that only you, and a small collection of people like you, will ever experience such greatness! So take the leap!

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