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limits to bracelet accessorizing

Wrist-shot showing Invicta "Scooby" Pro Diver accessorized with 3 beaded bracelets, 1 red, 1 white, and 1 blue.
Invicta "Scooby" Pro Diver

I have firmly jumped onboard the bracelet accessorizing bandwagon, for about a year now. And I often ask myself, at what point does accessorizing fall into the category of overdoing it? I've seen plenty of print ads that show multiple beads, upwards of 4 and 5, accompanying the same wrist as the timepiece. I would say the number of bracelets one chooses to wear will ultimately be based on comfort.

Outside of comfort, aesthics is another driving factor for me. Too many bracelets can add clutter to the wrist, and takaway from the main centerpiece of your wrist, the watch, which is the reason you are wearing the bracelets to begin with, as an accessory, not necessarily meant to be the main attraction. Three is about the maxiumum amount of bracelets I will wear as an accessory, on the same wrist as my watch, for sake of comfort.

Keep in mind, your alternate wrist may be available as an option. If so, don't overdo it, and spread the bracelet wealth!



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