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my maturing taste in accessorizing

Over the years, as I've continued to refine my taste in watches, I've begun to realize that my thirst for enjoying finer timepieces from time-to-time, has started to rub-off in other areas of my fashion sense. Not all the way through to my fashion sense with regards to clothing, much to the chagrin of my Wife, but I recently had an epiphany that my tastes in workplace / office accessories was beginning to grow-up as well.

For the longest time, I was good with just utilizing a simple laptop bag or backpack for my work and office needs. But as I've continued to climb the ladder, and reach various levels of accomplishment, I felt that I should graduate myself from the laptop bag and backpack, as my main tool for transporting my mobile office, and select something a little more grown-up, if not professional.

A high-quality briefcase has long been an iconic symbol, gifted to those that have reached a milestone or achievement in the academic or professional world; perhaps for a first job after graduating college, as a gift befitting a promotion, or reaching a career milestone. To me, a briefcase just seems too buttoned-up, so definitely not the look I'd be going for.

Enter the leather messenger bag. The distressed leather treatment, and pocket and buckle-style gives this bag a nice vintage look and feel. The messenger bag allows for the functionality of toting all of my important office tools, like my laptop, cell phone, tablet, and important paperwork, but with an unbuttoned, business-casual feel.

The messenger bag just proves that you don't have to compromise functionality while improving your style sense.

If you would like more information on the DHK messenger bag featured in this blog post, please click on the photo of the bag to be taken to a direct link.


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