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McDowell Time, Maxton V2 review - The Sequel

There are rare exceptions when the sequel outshines the original; The Godfather II, Rocky II, The Empire Strikes Back, you get the idea. With the Maxton Chronograph, McDowell Time faced the challenge of improving on their original, vintage-style, racing chronograph, that was nearly the model of wearable perfection on the wrist.

With the Maxton V2, McDowell Time didn't make any compromises on design / engineering, but rather, was foot on the gas, pedal to the metal, in creating a timepiece that truly represents an evolution of the model.

One of the best aspects of the original Maxton, without a doubt, was the incredible richness and radiance of the various dial colors offered, especially the Blue. For V2, McDowell Time upped the ante, by adding a gradient effect to the dial for the Blue and Brown dial options; the smoked dial treatment, used to further frame, and highlight the sub-dial configuration, much like the dashboard of an auto, allowing for more optimal dial visibility than its predecessor. Panda, and Reverse-Panda dial colors, in classic Black and White, are also available; there is no bad option! Either way you decide to go, the eye-catching, signature, McDowell Time Orange accents, adorn each V2 iteration.

While the Horween, leather racing strap on the original Maxton seemed the perfect accessory to finish-off the sport look of the racing chronograph, McDowell Time's decision to incorporate an H-Link bracelet on Maxton Version 2, is nothing short of epic! The brushed / satin finishing on the bracelet is very well done, giving the V2 an edgy, tool watch look, without compromising its sport watch vibe! Bracelet construction is very solid, and incorporates both a push-button release, along with a 6-position, slide-adjust on the clasp, affording a customized fit on the wrist. The Maxton V2 bracelet has some of the best brushed / satin finishing, that I've experienced on any timepiece, at any price point. Not to fear though, for all of the racing strap purists out there, as McDowell Time includes with V2, the same, buttery-soft leather, Horween, 3-hole racing strap, that was so beloved from the original Maxton.

The sport look continues to flow through, to the rear caseback of the Maxton V2, with crossed checkered flag engraving; as if you would ever confuse this racer with a diver. But this is just another nod to the racetrack influence of this timepiece, born from the racing lineage of the Maxton Mile Racetrack, in Laurinburg-Maxton, North Carolina.

With its 39mm cushion case design, the Maxton V2 is an extremely wearable timepiece, as was its predecessor. The bracelet seems to give the V2 a larger presence on the wrist, than the leather racing strap did for the Original Maxton, but the V2 by no means, feels or looks oversized; it's just right! Thickness of the V2 is 13mm, so this timepiece will easily transition between play, work, and formal, sliding underneath a shirt cuff, without issue.

The Maxton V2 is powered by a Miyota 6S20 Quartz Chronograph movement, and has 100 meters of water resistance. The V2 is a beautiful racing chronograph, and McDowell Time has managed to create a design, unique enough to separate itself from the pack, down the back straightaway. The Maxton V2 is further proof, that grab-n-go, quartz timepieces, don't have to be boring or mundane, but rather can comprise real character and style. The verdict on the Maxton V2, just like Aliens, the sequel is better!

Visit for additional details on the Maxton V2.

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