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Measure Twice, Cut Once

Modded Vostok, Amphibia, Radio Room, On Shark Mesh Bracelet.
Modded Vostok, Amphibia, Radio Room

I recently received this modded, Vostok, Amphibia - Radio Room. Absolutely beautiful timepiece, and the addition of the Black I.P., polished, Shark Mesh bracelet, really completes the look. But one of the more peculiar things that I have ever come across, and the first for a metal / mesh bracelet, is one having no pins to remove for adjustment, only micro adjustment holes at the clasp.

Previously, I've come across Milanese mesh bracelets, which incorporate a sliding, adjustable claps, to facilitate perfect sizing. I have also had Deep Blue mesh bracelets that are made with a combination of solid mesh, and more conventional link bricks (for lack of a better term) near the clasps on each side, which offers a customized fit. But for my latest arrival, this marks the first time I've had a mesh bracelet, with no available link adjustment. And after a quick YouTube search, I quickly learned, the only way to size this particular style of bracelet, is to cut the bracelet down, in order to achieve the desired fit; talk about unnerving.

I've never understood why brands design custom only straps and bracelets. Many collectors purchase watches, only to part ways with them days, weeks, and months later. So the very premise of cutting a strap down for a custom fit, and how that can potentially impact the resale value of a timepiece, and / or resale opportunity, are definitely on opposite ends of the spectrum. This is even more of an oddity, given the myriad of bracelet and strap options, available to vendors and customers within the watch industry, and aftermarket accessory market, affording customizable looks, through both strap and bracelet options.

While I was able to get this mesh bracelet sized, it was a complete pain. I certainly entertained thoughts of changing the strap, while having the mesh bracelet cut, but in the end, I'm glad I opted to keep the mesh on the Vostok. For straps such as these, the golden rule is to measure twice, and cut once, and measure again prior to cutting just to be sure. The last thing you want to do, is end up cutting too much strap or bracelet, permanently ruing the braclet, just an FYI; hopefully, more watch brands and accessory vendors, will take heed.

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