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Mission To Swatch, A Mission Failed!

Now that the moon dust has finally started to settle (somewhat) around the bedlum over the recent release of the Omega / Swatch collaboration MoonSwatch, I've finally decided to weigh-in on the madness.

From simply a marketing standpoint, in my opinion, the Omega / Swatch collab, represents the most significant partnership in the history of Horology; especially given the high-profile name recognition of both brands within the mainstream. Sure, there have been cross-collaborations between watch brands, and other luxury brands (most of those being on the super high-end of exclusivity), but none before, have been offered at such a universally affordable pricepoint as the MoonSwatch.

Now before we go, breaking our hands patting Omega and Swatch on the back, or lining both manufacturers up as humanitarians of the year, for being so generous as to offer an homage / replication of one of Omega's most heralded models, the Speedmaster Moonwatch, to the minions and masses at a pittance, let's call the MoonSwatch what it is, an astounding marketing gimmick.

Now, I've recently come to the determination that I will never own a MoonSwatch; part of the reason I can now write this article, after making peace with this resolution; and I'm fine with that, sort of, LOL. From the very beginning, when the rumor mill was abuzz, about the possiblity of an ultra-affortable Moon Watch hitting the market, I was certain of two things; the MoonSwatch was never going to be widely available to collectors, despite Swatch trying to convince everyone to the contrary, and because of this, there was a certain number in my head, as to the financial limits I was willing to go, to owning one of the MoonSwatch timepieces.

The limited availability of the MoonSwatch (we're talking dozens of quantity on-hand), through the various worldwide Swatch Boutigue locations, drove up demand, and the rest as they say, is history. The insanity of the prices being offered through online auction outlets, coupled with the insanity of those willing to pay those absorbanent prices, was enough to drive me out of the market, and to abort the MoonSwatch mission!

Swatch Group owns Omega, so at the end of the day, the money's all in the family. Not sure how many non WIS (Watch Idiot Savants), the Swatch / Omega collaboration will attract? Most watch enthusiasts, either already own an Omega timepiece, or already aspire to own an Omega timepiece in the future; the MoonSwatch isn't moving the needle, or breaking any new ground there. And if anything, the collab has probably caused more heartburn from the masses that stood online, with no real hope of acquiring a MoonSwatch, as only dozens of pieces were available, and the current Omega Speedmaster MoonWatch owners that feel the $265 MoonSwatch, now fetching thousands online, has marginalized the model and brand.

The collaboration between the two brands is definitely a neat concept. I was admittedly giddy with excitement over the thought of this mash-up, and the end-product with the NATO strap, looks amazing. But for me, at this current time, the juice just isn't worth the squeeze. As with most anything watch related, if you're patient enough, luck will eventually meet opportunity. I'm sure down the line, the opportunity to acquire a MoonSwatch will present itself. But who knows, by that time I may have moved on to a Timelex!

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