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Monthly Watch Subscriptions, are they worth the price?

Black Tier, Watch Gang Subscription Delivery
Watch Gang, August, Black Tier Subscription Delivery

I mentioned in an earlier blog post, that I was going to be testing-out one of the more popular watch-of-the-month subscription services. Anything-of-the-month services have become increasingly popular, as consumers continue to find ways to more automate their lives, myself included. Prior to jumping into the world of random watch deliveries, I had plenty of reservations. As a watch collector of going on 25+ years, I feel that I have developed a fairly keen sense of which watch styles work for me. I am definitely a fan of visual cues that tell my brain that a particular watch is one that I must own. So how well can any computer algorithm accurately decide, or pick-out a watch, that I am "almost" guaranteed to love, and keep in my collection?

Monthly subscription services are certainly not new. I remember back in the late 80's and early 90's being a member of the BMG music CD club. I also remember ending-up with a dozen CD's or more that I never listened to, because they just weren't my cup-of-tea, from an artistic standpoint. My Wife is developing a burgeoning interest in Wine. So, to cultivate that interest, I signed us up for a wine-of-the-month club. And there are an endless supply of monthly meal-prep subscription services that could possibly make the average cook, a culinary wizard! So monthly interest clubs are the in-thing, or at least very prevalent. But are they actually worth the money?

Watch Gang offers three subscription tiers, original for $29 per month, black for $99 per month, and platinum for $299 per month. For my trial, I elected to go with the black tier, which promises to send watches each month, with retail values between $150 - $500, sounds like an incredible deal, or a deal too good to be true, right?

My logical reasoning for choosing the black tier product is as follows. My taste in watches ranges from affordable to luxury, and they are particular. The platinum subscription costs $299 per month. I figure the likelyhood that Watch Gang will hit the mark each month, sending me a watch that I will truly love, and checks off all of my preference boxes, for $299 per month is a real stretch. At least for $99, at the black tier level, I'm apt to get more hits than misses, or at least watches I'm willing to gamble on each month, at a price point that won't necessarily break the bank, less of my money at risk. The money I save each month on not choosing the platinum tier, I can always save, and put towards a luxury timepiece that I truly covet.

So how did I fare this month? The timepiece I received with my black tier subscription was the Out Of Order, Casanova, Sport Watch, with the leather strap. The timepiece is offered on the OOO website for $437. It can be found on Ebay for anywhere between $109 - $500. Considering that I received a discount coupon that I was able to apply to my 1st month's subscription, that brought my 1st month subscription price down to $79, I didn't make out too bad. Stay tuned, we'll see how I make-out in month #2 of my Watch Gang subscription. The Out Of Order, Casanova timepiece I received is pictured below.


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